Sunday, 30 March 2014

What an adventure Room 20.

By Izzy

With High Ropes
and Low Ropes
Chasm Walks
and Little Talks
and with marshmallow tests
It’s the absolute best
It’s not your ordinary camp
but with Mr Moore
and Mr Eames
And Lella spilling the beans
You wouldn’t even start to believe
what Raroa’s Room 20 have achieved!

Home time

Bus Ride Home

By William

My fist clenched the side of the seat as I woke up with a jolt. I stared out onto the bright, green and overgrown grass. I heard muffled voices like a radio nearby. People talking, laughing, chatting. My eyelids dropped like garage doors as I watched the grass and the hills roll by.

Animal Survivor

Animal Survivor
By Izzy 
As I perched in my tree with Zac, I surveyed the grounds of the field to look for any possible danger. I stared curiously at Thomas who was dead (in the photo). I took another long glance around then quickly ducked my head. “DANGER! THE HUMANS ARE COMING!” Someone yelled. I told Zac, who was a kiwi, I was an opossum; to duck his head as well, but they had spotted us and were now right next to our tree. They shot me, and after five seconds of scrambling around in the tree getting stabbed by twigs, they shot me again! I handed over two life cards and quickly dropped to the ground and tore away from the trees like a fleet-footed deer.

Mirella spills the beans

Mirella Spilled The Beans
By May

Going to collect my breakfast and stuff my face is exactly what I felt like after a wild, windy night in my tent at Lake Ferry. A breakfast of baked beans, eggs, bacon and toast was calling to me, Mirella’s breakfast seemed to have been calling to the ground. It seemed so comical the way her breakfast just tipped off the plate and then seeing the look of dread on her face.

One of the cool things about camp is that we all make mistakes like these and the fact that we all have a little joke about it, clean it up and laugh some more and then it is the past. Mirella doesn't feel bad and everyone is happy! Even Mr Eames was cracking some jokes!



Snuggled in the tents at Lake Ferry
By May
Snuggled and warm
Comfortable like corn
Loving our camp experience

Silly little queeries.
Misty and eery
Staying up in the dark of the night

Never had so much fun
Waking up to the sun
Looking forward to breakfast

Lovely Roast Dinner or Two

A Lovely Roast Dinner or Two
By Mirella
It was our third night at camp. Wafting through the air was the smell of Roast Beef, with a side of peas potatoes, carrots and gravy. The aroma was so strong, I could just taste it on the tip of my tongue. The system was simple to get the food too. Go in the kitchen with an empty plate, come out the other end with a plate full of food. Simple. I walked with a slight smile out towards the small cluster of chatting classmates waiting to be plated with decadent food. I found my legs taking me to my friend, Marina, who was standing outside the buzzing crowd. Once we were plated, we started to dig in to our meals with delight. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation of what was going to happen the next day, when all this ‘adventuring’  would come to an end. Apart from the clitter clatter of cutlery knocking against our plates, you could practically hear a pin drop. As we finished off our food, we slowly migrated towards the water filled sinks to wash our dishes. Finally, we walked, stuffed with food to our tents.
Waiting for sleep to visit us that night.


                                                               Pot of gold

By William
The Plastic wrapped treasure lay there, waiting to be grabbed. Spotlights flickered across the ground as I froze like a spider, ready to strike. My hand darted like lightning and when the bright light shone on the patch of grass.
The treasure was gone.
~ William

Tents Up

Setting up at lake ferry.
By Aaron and Thomas

“Finally! We’re here, it took long enough! The sheep on the road were so slow! I’ve seen snails go faster than them! Sheesh!”
When room 20 settled in to Lake Ferry we had to put up those terrifying tents, one of the horrible things was the lack of hammers and also we had to use the irritating plastic pegs instead of metal ones. We even had to use hard concrete like rocks to hammer the pegs in! It was like trying to hammer a house into the ground. The year sevens boys had to pair up with the year eight girls and the year seven girls were with the year eight boys. Mr Eames was saying that these would be our tent buddies, and everyone groaned. But as it turned out he meant that was our tent pitching group! Some tents had minor issues like the odd broken pole and the snapped hammer but even in the cold frosty weather room 20 was able to work as a fantastic team and cope with the problems. As the minutes wore on it felt like we were going to be here for all of eternity.
~Aaron & Thomas

Arrival at Lake Ferry

The slow journey to Lake Ferry

By Katie

It was on the way to Lake Ferry, Room 20 was just enjoying the bus ride.  Suddenly somebody stood up and pointed to the front. “Wow. Look at that! Cool!” Everyone started to get loud. As soon as I realized I stood up and saw the sheep. Even if there was 1 or 2 sheep on the road it was little excitement. But this time… There was hundreds of sheep on the road, behind them there was a dog and a person. The bus stopped to wait. The narrow street and the herd of sheep between us was endless. It looked like balls of cotton squishing and running over each other. “You should take a picture!” I got my  backpack and got the camera. I took a picture through the window. “Coolest and funniest picture ever!” The bus went on. Everyone started to enjoy their bus ride again.

Sheep Poem
By Liv
A waterfall of wool came bellowing towards us,
There were millions of them leaping this way and that making a big fuss,
Just sheep, charging towards the bus.

In rows of four their tough feet padded the dusty graveled road,
In rows of four they came bundling towards the bus in a load,
In rows of four very tame,
In rows of four not a game.

In rows of four hooves pattering, a river of sheep flowed,
In rows of four declaring Baa in their own unique code,
In rows of four they came,
In rows of four all the same.

What a team!

High Ropes

Camp High Ropes
By Zac
I’m first, placing the bright blue climbing helmet on my head, harness checked off, I'm ready to go. Confidently I walk up to the pole towering above me. Slowly, but steadily I start the long climb up. Step by step up the endless amount of hand holds. Finally, I reach the top. Legs trembling, heart pounding I step onto the wire. Shakily I take my first step. Gazing down on all those ant like people below. Then across to the beautiful mountains almost seeming as if they were next to me. Confidence growing with each and every step, I get to the end. "Walk backwards to the middle of the wire then lean backwards and I will belay you down". Screams the instructor. Nervousness coming back to me with a sudden jolt. Going back to my original, slow pace, I begin walking back to the middle of the wire. Stopping in the middle of the wire, I do as the instructor said and I nervously lean back. Feeling as if I where a bird flying through the air and coming to the ground feet landing softly on the ground. I am done.

The High Ropes
By Tavish

A long moo from a cow, in a neighboring field, set me off balance as I inched along the wire, towering above the golden sandy ground. A dull thud emerged as I tapped the pole at the other end. I clenched my teeth as Craig hollered up to me; "Hold the guide rope and lean backwards."
I closed my eyes and non purposefully focused on the thought; "There was nothing beneath me. Nothing."

High Ropes Haiku

Height Produces Fear.
Up To Fifteen Metres High
By Marina
Here I am standing on the endless beam, ready to take my first step. I could feel myself shaking like I was in an earthquake, but I wasn’t. All I could see was the tiny dots and pinpoints of people scattered around on the ground below me. Fear spread itself through my body. I let go of the pole and started walking in tiny steps, I didn’t look down.The rain had stopped moments before making the beam slippery, I wanted to stop and go back but my feet kept moving me forward.”Does this ever end?” I thought but no I had only just started I was probably 5 metres away from the start and about 10 thousand metres away from the end. I looked across to the hill in front of me, the sheep were calmly eating the grass and paying no attention to anything that was going on around them.The clouds were like balls of cotton covering the blue sky. Suddenly I felt something wooden, like a pole.... It was a pole! I took a few steps away and leaned out backwards, then I was floating in the air. I softly landed on the sandy ground, before I knew it I was running happily to the next challenge. All the fear and scariness had gone away, I smiled.

The Trapeze

By Mirella
I looked down on the descending pole as I climbed it, with adrenaline surging through my veins. I was thrilled to the core. Looking out at the stretch of land beneath me and embracing the silence, I let out a sigh of relieve. This is my way of letting go of everything. I stood on the top of an unsturdy pole ready to pounce and claw for the cold metal bar. I soared through the air like a bird, my arms stretched out wide, then all this ended with a big jolt, and then me being lowered down towards the ground.                                                   


The High Ropes dun dun dun..
By Oskar

My stomach flops when I hear  my name. It’s my turn to survive the high ropes .
I feel like I’m stepping into the arena in the Hunger Games. I don’t know what to expect and I don’t know what the outcome will be.
Mr Eames says I’ll be fine up in the ropes.
I believed what he said and I start climbing up the huge poles that look like they don’t stop growing into the sky.

I’m half way up the pole when the pole starts shaking, the wind is like thousands mini earthquakes banging against me.
Suddenly I freeze, my mind says I can’t go up any further, tears start to trickle down my face .
But I know that I won’t be able to go down again so I keep going up.
Finally I reach the top, my hearts pounding like a drum.  I reach for the first ropes and I cling onto it for dear life.  I swing my legs onto the lower rope and I start trembling with fear . I suck it up and slowly start inching to the other side ‘’will the rope ever end?’’ I wonder. I’m so close to the end I can nearly reach the pole .

I reach and push out the final step ah! I’m finally at the end of the rope I LEAN BACK AND START FALLING backwards down to the ground. It was like I was floating in a pool of water as I am gracefully lowered. I touch the ground . I feel really energised, I have a sudden urge to do it again. And before I know it I’m queuing for the balancing beam. .

By Charlotte

Having a second look back down behind my shoulder I was regretting starting this high rope journey but I kept climbing.
Each peg felt like 100 meters above clouds. My head filled with fear but my legs kept on going.

I guessed on the positive side of things the view was amazing. Empty meadows with a few sheep wandering around carelessly.
Looking up I was so close but looking down... now that was a different story.

I could just touch the strong wire that was sizzling in between my fingertips. I nervously tugged myself up onto the shaking ropes. I timidly shuffled across when I realized that I was more than fifteen meters high my everything started to shake but then I kind of liked it being up there, peaceful up in the clouds looking down to see all my friends cheering “go Charlotte”

YAY it felt AWESOME!!!!


By Angus
When we got to the high ropes, the first thing that we did was put on the harnesses. I was a bit frightened of how high it was but I got over that because I remembered that it didn’t matter if I fell, I was always attached to the the rope . I had to wait a long time for my turn and when it finally came, I went to the first obstacle. While waiting, I was standing on a low retaining wall and I slipped and cut my knee on a post in the ground.  It started to bleed and hurt. However, this didn’t stop me.....
~ Angus

By Jackson
I looked down, at the daunting prospect of falling. The rope I was scaling seemed to stretch off into infinity. Uh… My brain didn’t agree with me while doing this, neither did my stomach. My hands felt the rough material of the rope and my feet ached on the thin wire underneath me. The wind didn’t help with the traverse, neither did my unexplained fear of heights. ‘Okay’ I thought to myself. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes. It felt like I was a bird, flying above the wind. As I focused, my grip tightened round the wire. I could hear the shouts of encouragement from the people below, cheering me on. I sucked in the air from my lungs, and pulled myself together. I can do this, I thought to myself.

                                                                                                                            ~ Jackson

Low Ropes Challenges

The Wobbly pole
By Katie
It was my turn. I struggled to climb up. I stood up and tried to get my balance. I could lose my balance and fall any time. As the pole was shaking, my legs were moving like I was crossing on the swing . Trying to get from one step to the other, getting help from people beside me. I tried to just walk fast and to get to the goal, but I couldn’t. I lost my balance. My body started to shake like a tree in the storm. I fell down.  “Nice try Katie.” the adviser said. “ I want to try again so I will go in the back of the line” I said. I waited,  watching the other people and cheering. I was a little frustrated. I was the only one who fell from the wobbly pole. It was my turn again. This time I went slowly, carefully, I made it. “ Go to the next activity now.” the adviser said to the class. I went on, thinking of high ropes. I couldn’t wait for the high ropes.

Pack up

Stories with Mr Moor

Amazing time with Mr Moor
By Katie
I still remember him in my head
His looks, his voice, his amazing stories
His black gumboots covered with mud,
His crazy knotty hair among his shoulders.
We laughed together
We felt sad together
Sharing our amazing stories
Everyone putting their hands
Up high like trying to reach the clouds
In front of the fire
Curling like a cat
It was the best time ever!

                                            Thank you Mr Moor!  ~ Katie

The Fire

By May

Blazing, burning wood
I don’t know how we would
Survive without the camp fire

Luxurious, loving fire
Climbing higher and higher
We did all love the camp fire

Soft, scorching heat
That made our hearts beat
Our cheeks red from the camp fire

Blazing, burning wood
I don’t know how we would
Survive without the camp fire


By Emma

we feed
off the heat
the burning
of the fire

numb with
bitter cold.
forever nearer
to the

Pulling us closer
us in

is easier to handle
with a fire.
our nights.
our way through
the darkness.
                                                                              ~ Emma

Rainy night
By Abel
I sprint up the steep hill, each heavy raindrop a bullet firing me down. Once I ascend to the top I realise I cannot see a spec of light anywhere. Shivering I shout “Someone give me a bloody torch!”. Everyone was glad to be out of torrential rain, so no one had a torch to spare. I knew I had to take the dangerous route through all the guy ropes. Tripping up twice I finally made it and flopped into my tent, preparing for the long cold night ahead.
~ Abel

Dinner Night 2

By Oskar
Mmmm. WOW, my food is DELICIOUS tonight .  I was just finishing my stir fry when I felt a plop on my head. How weird. I kept on eating. There’s another one. Plip, plop, splash. There were lots of plops now.  
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”. everyone starts to scream as the rain start to splash down on us . I sprint for the lodge as if it were the only safe place on the planet . Ah. Finally I’m warm again. Room 20 huddles around the warm fire.

Then Mr. Moore came into the room that we were sitting and we started to share stories about some horrible reliever teachers .He told us about a naughty boy that broke his grandma’ bell and a students bell  and how he turned out to be a nice boy after all .  After we had heard lots
~ Oskar